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Just give us money: Myths and Misconceptions of the Board's Role

08 February, 2011

(from an ongoing series in the newsletter: Grantseeking and the Nonprofit Board - a conversation between Alexandra Peters and Cindy Adams. This is part 1 of 5)

Introduction by Cindy Adams, CEO of GRANTSTATION

Developing a partnership with your board in the grantseeking process is a somewhat new concept. Boards are often less involved in grantseeking then they are in any other type of fundraising effort. In fact, there is a misconception that the board really has no role in the grantseeking process. However, the board can be extremely helpful in building the credibility of your organization in the eyes of the grantmaker.

Over the past three to five years there has been a trend within the grantmaking community to take note of the role of the board within the organization. Not just the typical question of do they donate money, but rather an eye toward the board’s involvement in the guidance of the organization. And if they are actively involved in oversight, that board will be a more credible board.

This Tracks to Success series in the Grantstation newsletter is a free flowing conversation between Alexandra Peters, one of the most accomplished and experienced board leaders I have met, and me, (about 40 years of grantseeking experience.) We hope that this conversation will shed light on the role of the board of directors in identifying and securing grant funding. Read More

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New Frontiers in Collaboration: Get out there and connect

16 June, 2010

In the past decade, a new world of social media has begun to have a huge impact on expanding our organizational reach, lowering costs, and sharing best practices.  Everyone uses email now, but remember 15 years ago when it was brand-new and only a few innovators were using it?  Now we’re in the middle of another shift in connection and collaboration using social media that’s referred to as “Web 2.0”. Read More

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Why Does Your Nonprofit Need to Exist?
Using Appreciative Inquiry to define who you are and what you do, Part 1 (of 4)

27 May, 2010

If there is one question that can be useful to grant writers, communications people, and anyone who must explain a nonprofit organization to the world, it is this: Why does your organization need to exist? Read More

TOPICS: appreciative inquiry | mission statement | grant writing | proposal writing | strategic planning | best practices | strengths based | board of directors | nonprofit board | communications | retreat | positive change | developmental change

"Discovery": How Storytelling and Sharing Experience Will Build Your Strengths
Using Appreciative Inquiry to define your Nonprofit, Part 2 (of 4)

26 May, 2010

So, you're writing a letter of inquiry or maybe you've already been asked to submit a proposal. How are you going to paint that picture of your nonprofit organization, bring what you value to life, and create a compelling story? Where do you find that narrative, the little vignettes that draw the reader in?  Read More

TOPICS: appreciative inquiry | grant writing | proposal writing | mission | discovery | best practices | strategic planning | storytelling | mapping | communications | retreat | nonprofit board | board of directors | strengths based | positive change | developmental change

Dreaming Back to the Future
Using Appreciative Inquiry to define your Nonprofit, Part 3 (of 4)

25 May, 2010

Imagine the best possible scenario for your nonprofit organization. Imagine it doing everything you ever wanted. Imagine being looked up to as the leader in the field. What would that be like?  Read More

TOPICS: dreaming | appreciative inquiry | strategic planning | communications | retreat | mission statement | grant writing | proposal writing | best practices | strengths based | board of directors | nonprofit board | positive change | developmental change | future planning | nonprofit vision

Changing Vision to Implementation:
Using Appreciative Inquiry to Define your Nonprofit, Part 4 (of 4)

24 May, 2010

What's the most difficult part of any planning process? It's that final step, the one where you will be determining the implementation strategy. When it comes to asking, "Where are we going next? What should our next projects be?" things just aren't as clear as they might have been when you were planning.  Let's face it - it's always easier to look backward than to look forward. And how often have you heard about planning that was done by a few people without much input from others? About brilliant strategic plans that languished in file cabinets? Read More

TOPICS: appreciative inquiry | discovery | planning | implementation | design | strategic planning | grantseeking | action plan | collaboration | mission statement | grant writing | proposal writing | best practices | strengths based | board of directors | nonprofit board | communications | positive change | developmental change
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